2 Tips to Giving Your Woman Earth Trembling Sexual Climaxes!

Are you one of the numerous guys out there that have the mindset that giving a woman sexual climax is difficult? It is not as difficult as you think. The real truth is that a large number of women do not achieve orgasm during sex.

So learning these few tips would put you in the elite league of guys that know how to make any woman achieve multiple sexual climaxes during a sex session. Now here are the 2 amazing tips that would enable you to be able to give your woman explosive sexual climax every time you have sex.

Tip 1: Tease And Play With Her Body!

Women love foreplay a lot! For most women, foreplay is more important than penetration. Unlike us guys that love penetration only, women love to be teased and stimulated both physically and mentally before penetration begins. You need to put your woman's mind and body in an erotic mood before you even think of penetrating.

So keep your penis in your pants! Do not head straight for her vagina and clitoris. Instead tease her other pleasure spots, like her inner thighs, neck, cleavage, breasts, inner arms etc. These areas are sensitive. And when kissed, fondled, careless and nibbled they give your woman amazing sexual pleasure.

Most guys just want to start thrusting, if you really want your woman to be sexually satisfied, be patient. Make sure you tease her till she is the one begging you to penetrate her. By the time you mount her it would not take long before she experiences an earth trembling sexual climax.

Tip 2: Doggie Style With A Difference!

This is my favorite sex position! When you penetrate your woman in the doggy style, you have more chances of giving her a G-Spot orgasm. You can simplify her G-Spot directly with your penis by modifying the doggie style a bit. Instead of a bed, this time use a table. Bend your woman over a table and penetrate her from behind. You do not have to limit it to only tables; you could use a car boot, kitchen table or anything that would allow your woman to rest her upper body while you thrust from behind. While thrusting, make sure you talk dirty to keep her mind on the pleasure she is receiving from you.

However there is one major problem that prevails so many guys from giving their woman earth quivering orgasm. This problem is the issue of a small penis. Women prefer big penises to small ones because they give more pleasure during sexual intervention. Big penises make women achieve sexual climax faster than small or average ones.

If you are interested in getting a bigger penis then today is your lucky day. Using a combination of herbal penile enlargement pills and natural penile enlargement exercises would give you a larger penis after a couple of months. These two methods of penile enlargement are safe and affordable, unlike surgery which is both risky and expensive.