2 Tips to Last Longer During Sex! – Uncover Secrets to Increase Your Stamina

Do you agree that we men will sacrifice anything in exchange for the staying power in bed? This is an open secret that no man should be ashamed of. Sex is natural. It is an integral part of life. Some men tend to keep it to themselves when they are having a sexual stamina problem. Let’s face it guys, if you don’t fix it, don’t expect the issue to go away by itself.

Sexual stamina has become a big issue and there is a huge demand for the solution. The drug companies have come up with indirect solutions like sprays to slow down an ejaculation, specialty condoms, and some kind of miracle drugs. Do these help? I have tried them all. They do help to a certain degree, but only temporarily. You see, if the root cause of the issue still remains, no matter how many miracle pills you take or how often you use the sprays on your organ, the problem won’t go away.

What’s the alternative then? Can we achieve sexual stamina without pills or sprays? Yes, we can. Lasting longer in bed can be achieved by natural means. Take a look at the list below, and you will be surprised how many options we have to get rid of this problem once and for all and improve our sexual stamina.

1) High-Protein Diet:

A healthy high-protein diet will provide direct benefits for any man who needs to add extra minutes during sex. Nuts, grains, olive oil, salmon, sardines and a variety of fish have proven to help men go longer during sex.

2) Backpedaling:

This technique may be new to you, but it has been practiced for hundreds of years by men with high sexual prowess. It is believed that those notorious lovers in history like Casanova practiced backpedaling to satisfy their women. A competent lover will know when to pause. I know this is tough. I understand that when you are in the middle of action and the level of pleasure is approaching the point of no return, it is extremely hard to stop. But this is a technique that can be mastered. You can control your ejaculation if you practice.

You have to pull the brakes and do whatever it takes to keep yourself from going over the edge too soon. You may be arguing that the climax is rightfully yours to enjoy, therefore you don’t have to wait for anybody. Yes, the sexual climax is definitely your right, but don’t you think it is better to take her there first? Mutual pleasure is always better than one-sided pleasure. Focus on giving her pleasure not on yourself. Practice and your endurance will come naturally.