3 Juicy Oral Sex Moves to Unleash Earth-Shattering Orgasms in Her (The Third One is a Hot Favorite)

Do you want to become a captain of the bedroom? Well if you do, then you really need to stick around. Below I've given some tips which women just die for during oral sex. I can promise that doing these things will drive her wild and keep her coming back for more and more.

3 Juicy Oral Sex Moves to Unleash Earth-Shattering Orgasms

Start with Her Inner Thighs

First of all, remember that you always want to start off slowly since this is technically still foreplay (leading up to the main event). Be soft and begin with caring and kissing her inner thighs leading to her vagina.

Spend a little extra time doing this and it will really build her anticipation. Trust me, building our anticipation makes the actual experience so much more fulfilling for us!

Do not Go Straight for the Clitoris

Guys tend to focus solely on the clitoris when giving oral sex. What you need to do is focus on giving her a blended orgasm. Focus on stimulating the clitoris with your tongue while using your fingers to penetrate her. And if you really want to blow her mind, locate her G-Spot and stimulate lightly with one finger. The G-Spot is about 2-3 inches deep on the front wall of the vagina.

Arch Her Back

Rather than groping her breasts with your free hand, place it under her lower back and arch it up. I will be honest – I really do not know why this sounds so great. But it sees that doing this in combination with the oral sex is just the perfect mixture. Try it out and see how she responds … I can bet it will be very strong!