3 Mind Blowing Sex Positions to Pleasure Her

If you have been doing your research well and searching for the best positions that would please your woman in the best possible manner and you still haven’t some across the same then it’s time that you stopped doing your research because here you will find the answers to all your questions. I am going to tell you about the three best positions that will give your woman mind blowing pleasure over and over again!

Position #1

The first position you could try is the reverse missionary position where your girl would have to lie face down with a firm pillow under her hip. Now you will have to penetrate her from behind. This position would help you reach her g-spot easily and the pillow would constantly stimulate her clitoris thus bringing her to mind blowing orgasms.

Position #2

For the second mind blowing position you will have to lie on your back with one knee up. Now your girl will have to straddle you and lean on your knee for support. Here your penis will hit her g-spot hard and your leg will rub her clitoris really well.

Position #3

For the third position you will still have to be on you your back but this time your leg has to be down. You girl can also lean on you while rocking back and forth on your penis. Here your penis will still stimulate her g-spot while your body takes care of her clitoris. If she is not leaning on you, then your fingers can easily access her clitoris. Now try these 3 mind blowing sex positions and learn to please your woman many times in a single night!