4 Things That Will Repair a Dying Sex Drive

A shocking revelation by Alix Fox (a Durex Sex expert) has left many imminent couples muddled by the reality of the sexual patterns among couples. In her report, Alix explained that at least one in five men and an even larger figure among women always experience a loss of libido just a few months after their engagement. Alix sort of tried to associate this low sex drive among couples with effects of hormonal contraception, which have been known to kill libido in days.

Also, some antidepressants, which by the way are usually prescribed over the counter in many drug stores, could cause a less inclination to sex. What’s even more shocking is the fact that Stress alone has the same hormonal impact on sex drive as menopause and aging does. So how do you boost your sex drive, if stress alone, is killing it? Well, Alix suggested 4 things that could restore sexual sanity in your relationship. Here they are.

Spice it up

Actually, research has shown that monotony and repeating the same roles and styles all the time is a real killer to sexual drive. According to Alix, both women and men should avoid being monotonous in their daily bedroom affairs. In other words, stop being the mum who cleans and cooks every day, or the office dad who carries office homework to your house every night. Instead, try to spice you behaviors once in a while.

For instance, if you are a woman, you can try taking control in bed every once in a while. Surprise him with lacy lingerie and some erotic makeup. If you are a man, kill the pattern too. A good recommendation is that don’t plan for sex. Let it come impromptu. Couples who always plan that Wednesday or Friday is the D-Day, have a higher chance of killing the sex drive in their relationship. Break the cycle and spice up your relationship.

Have a Scent

The human brain is programmed to work like a computer. It associates certain inputs to certain activities. Ever noticed how auto-correct works on your phone? Your brain works in a similar manner. If certain words are typed on your messenger, the phone is able to know what is likely to be the next word in the line.

In a sexual context, when a man or a woman wears a certain kind of perfume all the time, their partner tends to associate that perfume scent to their partner. A study in America has proven that men are turned on by pumpkin pie and lavender scents when their women are cooking. Again, a Men’s Journal in Canada, after conducting a survey on 100 married men, found out that scent has a considerable impact on libido.

Some men and women have also confirmed that they tend to get sexually active when their partners are wearing a certain kind of perfume. Sticking to a particular perfume allows time for your partner to associate a unique scent with your presence, and hopefully next time they smell that perfume at the bus station on their way home, they might come running straight into the act.

Have your own Game

Couple games are perhaps the best part about dating. Being able to telepathically communicate and understand jokes by just looking at each other, even when everybody else in the room seems confused, is just golden. To boost your sex drive, marriage experts recommend having a small game to delay the action and keep things exciting in the bedroom. It’s all about testing the waters, building anticipation, and erotically charging the mind.


Almost every relationship problem can be solved through communication. The worst heartbreaks ever shared often have one thing in common – lack of communication. Men are usually very reluctant to hear from their women where they are doing it wrong. Discussing about your sex life will pull more engagement into the act and ensure sexual satisfaction for both of you.

Communicate with you woman, know what turns her on. If you are a woman, faking orgasms is never the answer.