4 Ways to Make a Girl Desperately Desire You For Sex! Do Not Miss This at Any Possible Cost

If you are able to please your girl in bed, you will never have to worry about her ditching you for another man. However, for you to attain the status of a super stud, you will need to know all the ways that can make a girl willingly desire you for sex.

Here are four ways that will help you become one.

Mind games
For women sex begins and ends in the mind. The brain is a very powerful sexual organ in a woman's body. Never focus only on the physical dimension of sex; you need to make the girl comfortable mentally before you attempt to make love to her. This mental stimulation can begin much before you enter the bedroom. Take her on a long leisurely ride and gift a fabulous bouquet of flowers. A hamper of her favorite chocolates will also woo her.

The bedroom should have a décor and ambience fitted for love making. Women get turned off by clutter and unclean sheets. Make sure that you have a bucket of sparkling wine and long stemmed glasses on the side table next to your bed. Offer her generous swigs of her favorite wine and have some romantic discussion.

Do not make a dash to undress her. Instead after the initial kissing, necking, fondling and petting begins to undress her. Remove each piece of clothing layer after layer carefully and seductively. Appreciate the exposed body part and kiss and run your fingers lightly on them. Once she is completely nude, hold her close and lay her on the bed. Use your tongue / fingers to give her vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

When you do penetrate her ever, make sure that you are not rough but extremely gentle. Slowly increase the thrusts as she begins to ask for harder strokes. Change your positions frequently to increase the excitation and to prolong your orgasm. Make every effort possible to time your orgasm with hers.