5 Tips to Bring Your Woman to Sexual Heights Giving Her Orgasms Only With Your Fingers

While there are many ways to get your woman to orgasm like using your tongue, fingers, penis or even toys, we'll focus on bringing your woman to sexual heights giving her orgasms only with your fingers.

Tip # 1 – Since the vagina and clitoris are very sensitive areas of a woman's body it is a must to have your fingers nails short and smooth so you do not cause any harm on them.

Tip # 2 – If a woman is not turned on her clitoris and vagina will not be lubricated and playing with your fingers in those areas can be painful for her. To ensure that she's ready for finger stimulation you can spend some time on foreplay. Kiss her whole body, massage her different erogenous zones and talk sexy with her and she'll get in the mood very soon.

Tip # 3 – To build anticipation even more and make her almost beg you to enter her you can touch her as close to the vagina as possible, on her thigh for example.

Tip # 4 – Now that she's hot and ready you can start her clitoris with your finger. Gently massage it in different directions or in a circular motion paying close attention to her reactions, adjusting speed and pressure. This is the only way to bring her to sexual heights.

Tip # 5 – To give her multiple orgasms you can excite her through G-spot stimulation. Slide your fingers in her vagina with your palm facing upwards and look for a rough spot about one or two inches on the upper wall. Now apply pressure on it gently with different motives and she'll soon be screaming in intense sexual pleasure.