Alternative Medicine – Use of Aroma Therapy in Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions

Aroma therapy has been applied in medical treatment in various illnesses. It refers to use of essential oils to bring a soothing, muscle relaxation, improve blood flow and reverse malfunction of nerves. The most common essential oil is menthol and methyl salicylate. These are often volatile plant parts that are able to evaporate and create a cooling effect.

The history of use of aromatic compounds has been poorly recorded and therefore not much is available from the old civilizations. The first proper documentation of its use is in an French publication of 1907 and later translated in English in 1993.

Use of aroma therapy for sexual dysfunction treatment is one that has been lauded as very effective. The plant extracts used are considered the best because of their ability to increase the energy levels, improve erection, enhance sexual desire and improve production of seminal fluids and vaginal lubricants.

Aroma therapy is also known to improve the sexual energy through improving the spiritual connection. The desire for sex is improved through the rising of the chakra. These are energy levels that are associated with the spinal cord.

The aroma from the essential oils also create a feel good condition in the individual which sets in the mood for sex. This raises the libido and the ability to get to orgasm even among those who have lost the desire.

The effect of these essential oils in management of the blood circulation is another way in which the aroma therapy improves sexual performance. The need for freely flowing blood and the increased energy demand in sex demands that the blood circulation be uninhibited.

Hormones especially among women are sensitive to the moods of the individual. Sex hormones such as testosterone would be increased when the person is in a better mood. The relaxed and sensational moods that are with aromatic oils is due to the increased production of oxytocin hormone.

There are various essential oils that have been shown to improve the sexual function. Some of these include the use of mustard oil and jasmine. In all cases of use of aroma therapy for sexual dysfunction, the involvement of the sex partner is key to improvement of the sexuality. This involves the use of the essential oils in massage. This has the effect of improving the communication between the sex partners and thereby increasing the sexual satisfaction.

The fact that aroma therapy uses oils that aid in improving the environment through better smell and improved blood circulation, it has several other benefits other than sexual performance. It is therefore cost effective.