Ayurveda Offers Three Time-Tested Whole Food Remedies To Restore Sexual Energy

In a Silicon Village CA Times article by Marilynn Marchione entitled Sex and Seniors: A survey shows many elders remain frisky.

It is reported in the article, "the most comprehensive sex survey ever done among 57- to 85-year- in the United States. up to age 85 reported having sex in the previous year "

Not only elders can benefit from whole plant foods to restore sexual energy so do young in love and the middle age.

Ayurveda teachings that restoring the body every day using fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and natural sweeteners for the nervous system, digestive system, the immune system and reproductive system are a natural daily routine.

In my favorite Ayurvedic cookbook, Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing by Usha Lad & Dr. Vasant Lad which I use in my practice daily are the three recipes that I present here.

Foods to increase sexual desire or some would say to invoke the Cupid or Eros.

Drink a cup of organic Concord grape juice. Add one pinch of pippali

(a common hot pepper in Indian cooking).

Or you can use Cayenne powder found in any large grocery store or online.

Add one half teaspoon of ashwaghanda.

Ashwaghanda is one of the most common herbs in the Database On Medicinal Plants Used In Ayurveda compiled by Central Council for Research in Ayurveda & Siddha. Ashwagandha increases sperm production, and blood volume.

For women we substitute Shatavari which nourish female reproductive tissue.

The second recipe used as an aphrodisiac that restores sexual energy by restoring the nervous system along with hormonal nourishment.

Every morning eat three figs. Along with one teaspoon of local honey.

One hour later take a glass of Lassi.

Here is the recipe for Lassi: Two cups of water add 1/2 cup of plain yogurt blend for one to two minutes until liquid. Add one half teaspoon of grated ginger and cardamon. Blend together.

Before bed rub castor oil in a circular motion for ten minutes on the abdominal region.

The last whole plant food recipe for restoring sexual energy and increasing your natural sexual attraction:

Soak 10 fresh Dates in a quarter jar of ghee.

Add one teaspoon of dry ginger.

1 / 8th of a teaspoon of cardamon.

Cover and put in a cool dry place for one week. This allows the foods to become a food medicine.

Take one Date daily.