Best Sex Position Guide – 10 Hot Easy Ways to Terrific Orgasms!

Are you searching for a best sex position guide? Wondering what are most fulfilling and satisfying sexual positions you can try on? You are not alone! In fact, everyone knows that having great sex is one of the major factors in having a healthy and happy relationship.

It tends to be the fun aspect of the relationship – the part where you share your feelings and your body with another.

For a couple to have great sexual experience you both need to be spontaneous and you must know what you're doing. It's important to know what sex position that is effective to turn a partner on and how to both give and receive pleasure.

The following guide involves some really hot sex positions that will serve to make your love life more exciting and fun.

The Counter Top Position:
This is rated as one of the hottest among the best sex position guide as it occurs at the spur of the moment. She sits on the countertop while he inserts his penis at countertop height into her vagina. It's one you do in the heat of the moment with your lover.

The Crawl or Doggy Style:
This popular sex position puts you both on your knees. The man inserts his penis into her vagina from behind and has sex that way. It provides good pleasure and intense feelings for both partners.

The Wrap Around:
This is a really passionate pose according to the best sex position guide. The woman lies on her back and the man lies on top of her. The woman wraps her legs around the man to feel more intensely the penetration.

The Lap Position:
This is when the female sets atop the partner's lap and the man inserts his penis into her vagina. It can be a hard sexual position to master but it is very satisfying if you practice it well and get your strength going.

Split Level:
This is when the man is on top and the woman has her legs spread wide with her knees bent up toward the man's head.

This is when a woman is appointed on an arm chair, wrapping her legs and arms around the man, who is kneeling on the floor in front of her. This is one of the best sex position guide for couple who are looking for a more stimulating orgasm.

The woman lies on her back at the edge of a table or futon or bed, covered by quilts and pillows. She spreads her legs wide open and the man kneels before her and enters her, holding up her legs with his shoulders. This increases the angle of penetration but can be very satisfying for both.

This is when the man lies on his back and spreads his legs. The woman then lies on top of him, including putting her legs on his. The woman controls the thrusts by dragging her body up and down. This sexual position is good for great female orgasms.

This is for hot couples looking for top sex positions because the woman needs to stand with her legs wide open and supports herself with a chair or other piece of furniture. The man enters her from behind.

Head to Toe:
This is when the man lies on his back with his legs spread wide when he enters the woman. The woman lies down on her back with her legs spread across his, with her toes pointing towards his head and his head pointing away from hers. The woman controls the thrust. Excellent for women who prefer deep penetration.

With the best sex position guide above, making love will be an exciting and orgasm filled event. Also do not forget sex is an excellent stress-reliever and a good way to get a work out. Try to be spontaneous and adventurous with your lover to keep the lovemaking alive and hot.