Creating Sexual Tension – Three Techniques That Never Fail

Creating sexual tension is almost an oxymoron – usually people say you either have it or you do not. However there are a few techniques that will work, if applied correctly. Indeed, sexual compatibility is one of the most mysterious and interesting parts of seduction and love making. Also, nobody can deny that sexual tension is a lot of fun and adds tremendously to the whole experience. But how does one go about creating sexual tension in a woman? Read to on to find out …

Firstly: Play 'Hard To Get'. You may hear from a lot of people that playing 'hard to get' is a sure-fire way to ruin a good relationship however whilst this is true to some extent, it does not apply when it comes to the art of seduction. Playing 'hard to get' will increase the sexual appeal between you and is a great way of creating sexual tension between you and maintaining it. Playing a little game of 'hard to get', such as waiting an extra day or so before calling her back, or taking things slowly can really make things happen. If you hold a little something of yourself back then you will be instantly more mysterious and fascinating to her.

Secondly: Tease Her. Sometimes holding back and taking things slowly in the bedroom can really work a treat and is an excellent way of turning her on and creating sexual tension. For example, if you can tell that she wants you to kiss her, hold back. First kiss her on the cheek, then on the neck, and THEN kiss her on the lips. The result will be explosive. Taking things slowly and teasing a woman is one of the greatest secrets of the art of seduction.

Thirdly: Make Her Laugh. Women love to laugh and it really is a great aphrodisiac. Laughter truly goes a long way to creating sexual tension. If you make a girl laugh then not only does she instantly feel comfortable and safe but it also releases hormones which will increase the sexual appeal between you. Be careful not to take it too far though, subtlety is the key. Do not underestimate the importance of creating sexual tension. If you want a one night fling then sexual attraction between you is an absolute must. If you have a girl and you want to keep her then maintaining sexual tension is equally important.

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