Discover the Secrets Behind Woman Climax and Make Her Scream For More Every Time

It's hard for me to say it but many men can not make their women orgasm, so women look for other things that can give them the satisfaction they need in bed. Some women prefer sex toys over the real penis. Although in this era sexuality is more and more exposed and men have access to a lot of information about sex, more than 50% of women can not reach climax.

Sex is a very important part in a relationship and if you want your girl to stay with you then give her the most amazing sexual experience that only you can give to her.

To make your girl climax you need to have some knowledge and experience as women are different and the way to sexual bliss is also different from woman to woman. While men respond to physical stimulation women are much more likely to react positively to emotional aspects. Tell her how beautiful she is, how much you adore her and that she means everything to you. Women crave for appreciation and love, so try to do this and you will see how powerful it is.

One of the most overlooked aspects in sex is her clitoris and G-spot. These are sure fire ways to make her scream for more. There are various ways to stimulate these sensitive areas, using your tongue and lips or your fingers. Do these things right and you'll get her really hot that she'll almost beg you to insert your penis in her vagina.