Emotional Intimacy is the Key to Good Sex – Does Your ED Pill Allow Time For It?

Sex therapists say that it all begins with emotional and verbal communication. It is important for the couple to talk about their expectations and their role in sexual relationship. When the sex within the couple is discontinued for a period of time due to erectile dysfunction, popping up a pill does not help in gaining back the same level of sexual intimacy. It is difficult to tune in to the same chemistry after a period of depression due to sexual condition. It requires time and effort and a lot of emotional intelligence to get back to track!

The first ED pill Viagra and then Levitra, none of them have allowed the most valuable factor … time, to the couple. As a result, the sexual intercourse, after taking Levitra or Viagra, turns into a one-sided affair, and actually speaking it should not be like that. You are already finished with your orgasm and ejaculation when your partner is just getting stimulated. You kiss her good night with a satisfied smile on your face, while she has no other way but to terminate her desire and go to sleep 'frustrated'. It can not in any way, be labeled as good sex. A satisfactory sexual intercourse does not leave either of the partners dissatisfied.

When you were under the pressure of erectile dysfunction, what aged you most, be honest? A dissatisfied and irritated glare of your wife … is not it? Your main concern was 'she will never love me again and might go to someone else'. The four hour ED pills does not let you satisfy her … even when she has waited for you to recover from your erectile failure period. You satisfy yourself by it … not her. Women need time to get sexually excited, and foreplay has a great role to play for the sexual stimulation, she needs it more than you! Does your ED pill allow you the time? If not, then I am sorry … you are not in a better position with your ED pill … because nothing actually changed for your wife.

Do you love your wife and want to satisfy all her desires? Want to remain the most desirable men in her life? None other then Cialis can do it for you. Cialis acts in the same way as Levitra or Viagra does … but it does not make your sexual encounter a two or four hours' affair, the main USP of Cialis. You have long 36 hours after Cialis administration, so there is no need to plan your sexual activities … it will happen automatically when both of you are in tune. Yes, you can await the right moment, and her right mood to experience a great sex. Cialis starts working within 30 minutes and continues to work for the next 36 hours!

Moreover, with Cialis, you do not have any food or drink restrictions. But I will personally advise you to keep away from drinking, at least not more than two pegs of alcohol if you are planning a romantic date that night. After all you need to have alert body and mind if you want to enjoy every move in sex!

Cialis, the third cousin among the oral treatments of erectile dysfunction is making its way slowly but steadily in the ED market. It is a 'no-hassle' pill with 'extra performance' for the treatment of your erectile dysfunction. Take your Cialis, relax and enjoy your sexual ride …