Finding the Ultimate Sex Guide

The ultimate sex guide is Kuma Sutra. This book is written ages ago and there you will be able to find information on how to make your partner enjoy sex better. Most of that book is consisted of information about what to do to make your partner feel better and also to find some interesting positions, which you can try with your partner to have better sex experience. The main idea of that book is to get to know the opposite sex and after that to have better love making experience. That is considered to be the bible of sex and you must read it for sure if you want to be better lover. This book is available in all of the bookstores today and also you can purchase it online. Although that when you read it you may consider it irrelevant, if you get the meaning of it you will be able to have better love making experience.

The mind blowing sex should not be forced. You need to allow that to happen. In lots of instances, reaching to the orgasm triggers the anxiety especially to the women who pressure themselves in performing well during the sex. For this reason women subconsciously conceal the sexual problem just by faking the orgasm. That is simply not an essence of sex. It is advised that you enjoy the close moments that you have with your spouse.

You would be aware that the people who are getting lots of sex are the happier people. This, is supported by many studies. To have more of sex, you require more of energy. Enough sleep, lots of rest, sufficient exercise, as well as balanced diet will increase the sexual stamina. These factors induce the better blood circulation in your sex organs that is very important to arousal & orgasm.

Find some ways to reduce your stress to raise your chances of arousal. Sharing passion with partner should not be very serious. Think of the sex as the fun activity – you can be creative & try things in a different way.