Get Your Woman Gasping For Air With These Very Secret Oral Sex Tips

So you know that women crave oral sex, but you may not be sure of how they want you to do it. There are some very secret methods that your woman does not want you to know for fear of total mind control.

Stay away form these moves like the plague or you will get dumped

There is tons of bad oral advice that comes from friends. If your best buddy tells you something that he tried on his wife and he tells you that she absolutely went crazy for his new move, do not believe him. You are probably asking why not, he's a good friend. Well, there are two reasons you never take sex tips from your male buddies to use on your lovers. The first is that there is always the very real possibility that the woman is doing a wonderful acting job and she is making loving it to get everything over with as fast as possible.

But, the largest reason why you should not listen to oral techniques is because there is one method that works the best on all women. And this style is universally preferred by every woman. It may sound odd, but variety is not the key to great mouth play. In fact, switching things up as some men like to do is the death of powerful orgasms produced by the tongue.

Boring, robot like motors will drive her nuts

While doing the same exact tongue lap may be the most bland method you could ever imagine, it will make your lover shake with ecstasy. Keep your it moving side to side at a slow pace, do not go fast, that is not what women like, and that is not what gives us the most intense climaxes. Side to side is the best because your mouth will not get tired. If you use an up and down motion you will get exhausted, quit, and leave us incredibly frustrated.