How to Get Sexual With a Woman

Dude, look – you have probably had dated this woman a couple of times. You have started to wonder if you could ‘take things to the next level’ soon, but you are not sure how to do that. Don’t worry buddy – I’ve got your back.

Now if you have not even thought of ‘getting it on’ with her, then you’ve got a problem. If you stay too long in the ‘non sexual’ zone for very long, then you will be seen as merely a friend rather than a lover. This is obviously bad news for you. Now stop being a ‘friend’ and get laid already!

Then, there is a danger of getting rejected – if you do not do the right things or are not smooth enough. Also, if you are too quick and jump the gun too fast then you will totally blow your chances. But don’t worry, if you follow these two killer tips you will boost your chances and achieve mind blowing results…

How to Get Sexual With a Woman – Two Tips

Tip #1: “The Anti-Friend Tactic”. If you do not want to be merely treated as a ‘friend’, then stop behaving like one – plain and simple!

If she treats you as her emotional tampon, then you must not tolerate this. Instead, manufacture ‘sexual tension’ by continually challenge and tease her. Avoid lending her a shoulder to cry on, and for heaven’s sake stop talking about past relationships already. If she starts to tell you her girly problems then respond by saying, “Hey, am I your bosom buddy here?” and smile.

Tip #2: “Non Sexual Touching”. You may have heard of this technique – which is called ‘kino’ by the seduction community. You must ‘kino’ her at the right places during the first few initial dates. Good areas to initiate touching – tickle her, brush against her arms, and bump into her ‘accidentally’.

Remember that the touching must be on ‘non sexual areas’. Don’t blame me if you get slapped across the face if you jump on her and grab her breasts.