How to Give a Man Oral Sex

A lot of women are scared to give oral to their man because they are so intimidated. Women feel like they are under an immunity amount of pressure in order to make the magic happen. They worry about touching him in the wrong way and hurting him or just not being very good at all. If you are a woman who does not know how to give a man oral sex, then you need some advice.

Men love the feeling of oral sex so you should be willing to give that kind of pleasure to your man. If there were a certain thing that he did to you, you would want him to do it whenever you wanted. Your man wants you to want to give him oral sex because when he knows that it is a chore for you, he feels bad and he can not enjoy him. You should want to give him that kind of pleasure so he can be fully satisfied.

In order to give a man oral sex, you have to feel comfortable and confident in doing so. You have to feel comfortable or else the experience is not going to be an enjoyable one. Do not worry about anything bad happening. Just tightly grip his member with your hand and use your mouth to stimulate the tip. Change up your pace and your directions and he will really enjoy this. By having your hand on him, you are in control of how deep he can go so you do not have to worry about your gag reflexes coming into play.