How to Give Your Woman Sexual Climaxes That Will Make Her Beg For More From You!

Giving your woman sexual climaxes is definitely an art. It takes some knowledge and effort to be able to master how to give a woman orgasm always. A lot of guys believe that they are giving their women sexual satisfaction in their relationships, when the actual fact is that their lovers are always frustrated during sexual interference.

A large number of women fake sexual climax, so as not to hurt their lovers. When a woman is experiencing a real orgasm, her vaginal lips would be contracting and her thighs would be shaking. The expression on her face would be that of satisfaction. Here are a few tips that you can use this night to give your woman thigh-quivering sexual climaxes.

Get Her Sexually Excited By Using Foreplay!

This one is a must! Women need to be mentally and physically aroused for them to achieve sexual climaxes during oral sex or sexual intercourse. It is very important that you slowly and gradually build your woman's sexual anticipation through fondling, kissing and some dirty bedroom talk. All these would get her sexually excited and in the mood for sex.

When you first begin foreplay, do not head straight for your woman's vagina. Stimulate her other pleasure spots like her breast, nipples, cleavage, lower belly and inner thighs before you tease her genitals. Whisper some sexy lines into your woman's ear. Tell her in details what you are going to do to her while you are having sex. This would get her horny and in the mood for penetration.

Give Your Woman Oral Sex!

After playing and teasing your woman's body a bit, you should move over to her genitals for more intense action. Tease your woman's clitoris and vaginal lips with your tongue and lips. As you do these, insert your fingers into her vagina to give her more sexual pleasure. Continue doing this for about 20 minutes, by this time your woman would go crazy with sexual anticipation that she will beg you to penetrate her – do not mount her yet.

Stimulate Her G-Spot!

You can start your woman's G-Spot by asking her to lie on her back and then you insert your two fingers into her vagina about 2 inches deep with your palms facing up. Begin to move your fingers in a curly motion mimicking a continuous "come over here" movement.

You can also stimulate your woman's G-Spot in almost any sex position, but there are some positions that give more stimulation to her G-Spot than others. An example is the standing rear entry sex position. In this position your woman stands and then touches her toes while you penetrate her from behind.

If you follow these few tips you would give your woman amazing sex with multiple sexual climaxes.

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