How to Have Sex With a Woman For 3 Hours Straight – Or For As Long As You Want!

Ejaculating before your girl reaches her orgasm during sex is never going to make her enjoy being with you. As a matter of fact, your relationship could easily die just because you are not satisfying her the way you should on a sexual level.

The biggest problem here normally lies with the guy and not the girl, though. Guys tend to have trouble controlling their urges for long enough for girls to actually feel content. What you need is the ability to control these personal needs of yours, so that your girl will end up feeling sexy and special each time you take her into the bedroom for some loving.

If a girl says your quick ejaculation doesn’t bother her, you need to know that she is only saying that to make you feel better. Although it is true that some guys have the power to last up to 15 minutes during a sack session, this isn’t even close for a girl to reach her orgasm – honestly. Girls happen to need a much longer amount of time to reach their peak and this would translate to more required stimulation.

Here are 3 things you could do to last much longer during each sack session with a girl. Use the techniques mentioned below to stimulate your girl’s senses on a regular basis and give her a sensual time. Doing so will make her forget all of those fantasies she might have now about doing it with other guys who could possibly gratify her much more in bed. And, you might even be surprised at how a few minutes can actually make a massive difference in their world.

How To Make Each Sack Session Last Much Longer – Stop Ejaculating So Quickly!

Technique #1: Be capricious. If you keep changing up the sexual positions you are in the minute you feel like you are about to reach your climax, you will greatly improve in bed. Whenever you start to feel an urge to ejaculate, stop moving immediately and try to take control of the situation by changing up the sexual positions you are in every time this happens during sex.

If you can flaunt your overall sexual prowess, as well as your sensual knowledge, you can impress any girl in bed in no time after giving her the utmost pleasure. Making sure that your position changes are done in a fluid and spontaneous manner is extremely vital, though, as this will ensure that things stay fun in bed despite your need of control over yourself.

Technique #2: Be free of your fluids. If you believe sex is in the cards after going out on a date with a girl, head to town and pleasure yourself first before you head out on your date. By doing this, you can make sure that sex is the last thing on your mind throughout the whole evening. As a bonus, you will not even accidentally spill your load before your girl is close to reaching her own orgasm once you are in bed with her.

Technique #3: Be free of your sensations. If you can, try using condoms that will produce a lower amount of sensations during sex. It would be easy to find thicker condoms out there that would be perfect for this. Try them out and see the difference today.

For some guys, heavy breathing might be enough and a change of condoms might not even be necessary. However, this will not work for every single guy out there and it might not work for you. If you never see thicker condoms in shops, though, you could also try wearing two condoms at once since doing this can kill any amazingly great sensations that might make you ejaculate too early again.