How to Practic Tantric Massage

Tantric massage: if the name if this treatment makes you think of something enjoyable, your thinking is correct. Often, massage is given as a medical treatment, to heal or treat pain from injured muscles or tendons. Tantric massage, on the other hand, is a sensual massage which is used to increase the romantic bond between two partners.

This form of massage has its origins in India, and includes more than just the massaging of the body. Partners must also focus on breathing, visualization and meditation. By combining all of these elements together, both partners become more in touch with each other's thoughts and feelings, as well as becoming more aware of themselves and their own body.

For the ideal tantric massage, partners take turns massaging each other. For the best massage, use oil on the fingertips, either scented or unscented. It is essential that the entire surface of the body receives the massage, in order to make the skin feel relaxed and sensitive to the touch of the other person. Lie on a soft surface and use pillows to make yourself the most comfortable.

This form of massage puts the partners in a vulnerable spot, where they must yield to one another's touch and be willing to be open to each other. Although it may seem like mainly physical contact takes place, tantric massage allows the partners to share intimate with one another on an emotional level that they may never have experienced before.

If you are self-conscious or have low self-esteem, this experience can help you to learn to appreciate your body. It can also help you to boost the confidence of your partner as you enjoy being close to him or her and helping him or her to feel loved and accepted. Do not be embarrassed to suggest this form of massage to your partner; it can help to rejuvenate your relationship.