Oral Sex Secrets – Are You Making These Mistakes?

When it comes to making a woman orgasm quickly, oral sex is always the best way. Good oral sex drives a woman crazy but when you do it wrong, it can be a big turn off. It is a well known fact that many women can only orgasm through oral sex and penetrative sex is unstimulating for many women. With this in mind, it is vital that your oral sex techniques are up to scratch.

The first thing you need to know is that you are aiming to stimulate the clitoris when performing oral sex. This is an extremely sensitive area located above the vaginal opening. It is packed with nerve endings that can give amazing stimulation but can also be inconvenient is not properly rated. Many men make the mistake of sucking, licking or touching it too firmly. If you pay close attention to her when you touch this area, you will know if you are touching it too hard by her reaction.

Another mistake men make is to treat oral intervention as a chore. This is a huge turn off as women are self conscious about this area of ​​their body, so if they think you are not enjoying going down on them they will never reach orgasm. Learn to enjoy this act if you do not already!

Finally, do not be predictable. This is another big turn off. You need to make her guess what you are going to do. Create sexual tension and tease her. When you finally get down to it, find a rhythm and stick to it until she reaches the inevitable explosive orgasm that you will give her.