Reflexology Massage and Its Benefits

After a long-hard day at work, what better way to relax than having an overall body massage? Reflexology is a technique that is used as an alternative to medicine for treating a number of medical conditions. Here, not only the feet are stroked to cause relaxation and a soothing effect, but also pressure is applied with the thumb and forefinger to specific areas of the feet and hands.

This is done by holding the foot with one hand, while different levels of pressures and techniques are used.

To practice reflexology, you may do so on your own hands first. Even though, one's feet are more sensitive than hands, both of them have the same reflex points, which is why it can be used for practicing.

While doing so, you do not have to apply oil or any lotions on your hands, or else they will slip and you may not be able to massage the foot properly. Also, make it a point to cut your nails short before you begin with it, as to not to hurt the other person. The process of reflexology usually takes up from forty-five minutes to an hour.

People who are trained in reflexology can easily identify the specific reflex points on the hands and feet which match up with other parts of the body. While you apply pressure on these points, an effect takes place on other organs of the body, promoting one's health and well-being.

For instance, there is one particular area in the foot, on which when pressure is applied; it affects the functioning of the bladder. This is why this method is used to treat a number of medical conditions, along with other treatments.

These conditions include kidney malfunctions, anxiety, headaches, diabetes and many more. It not only helps to treat such conditions but help in restoring one's peace of mind, and harmony within oneself. A number of psychological issues that may take place in an individual such as stress and depression may be valued to a great extent with the help of reflexology, as it encourages one to relax completely.