Sex Positions – The 3 Best Positions For Explosive Female Orgasms

Using different sexual positions not only adds excitement to a relationship, knowing the right positions can bring your woman to amazing orgasmic heights. These three sex positions are a sure bet to giving powerful female orgasms. The bonus is she will want you more and more and become the sexual aggressor, which is what every man dreams about.

Sex Position 1 – Upward Missionary

  • Have her lay on her back and place her butt on a firm pillow so her pelvis is elevated. Then kneel in front of her with her legs over your thighs and with your knees apart so you can be close to her. Now, let her play with you and rub you against her clitoris to get warmed up. When you enter her, move in an upward motion to push back and forth against the front wall of her vagina. This will stimulate her g-spot. At the same time, you can use your palm or fingers to apply pressure right above her pubic bone so that she is getting pressure on her g-spot from inside and outside. Lastly, use your thumb to stimulate her clitoris (make sure to keep it lubricated so she does not get raw). The bonus to this sex position is that you get to be in the perfect position to watch everything that is going on – it is very erotic! Additionally, she can do her own work on her clitoris if she wants. This position is probably one of the best for explosive combination of both clitoral and vaginal female orgasms.

Sex Position 2 – Sideways

  • Have her lay on her back with her right leg draped over your waist – you will be sideways with your legs wrapped around her left leg. You will not be able to kiss easily, but you can really see her beauty and reach out to stimulate her breasts. This position allows her to use you as a sex toy and rub you all over her genital area as well as control the depth of your penetration. It is very comfortable for her and she can easily play with her own clitoris to reach an amazing orgasm. This is very erotic to watch!

Sex Position 3 – Down and From Behind

  • Lay her on her belly and ask her to raise her butt in the air. Enter her vaginally from behind and move almost straight up and down (vertically) so that you are moving in and out across the front wall of her vagina – right in the g-spot area. Every woman is different: ask her what angle feels better for her – she will be able to help you pinpoint the perfect stimulation. While you are pumping from behind, she can easily use her hands underneath her to touch herself and touch you (be careful not to let her make you orgasm first). She will love this position and she will orgasm hard!

Try these three positions over the course of a couple of weeks, not all at once. She will appreciate the variations and will marvel at how many ways you can masterfully make her orgasm!