Sexual Mistakes – 8 Common Ones Guys Make

Here we are going to look at 8 common sexual mistakes guys make that will leave your partner feel unwanted and unsatisfied.

These mistakes are common so if you avoid them and follow our tip under each mistake you will improve your lovemaking technique

So here are your common sexual mistakes.

1. Emotional & Physical Attachment

Most women don’t like to be seen purely as physical objects of desire and turning women on in the mind is the key to relaxing your partner and satisfying them.


Keep in mind men are turned on much quicker than women, so don’t hurry it take your time in foreplay and enjoy this as much as intercourse itself.

2. Not Enough Kissing

One of the most common complaints from women is that their partners don’t kiss them enough.

A recent poll found out that 85% of women wanted to be kissed more!


Learn to French kiss correctly and also kiss one of the top erogenous zones for women – the neck.

Nibbling, kissing and licking the neck will send her passion levels soaring.

3. Not Enough Foreplay

Foreplay is an essential part of sex and follows on from what we stated earlier:

Women take more time to be aroused than men and foreplay allows you to do this.

You need to target all the erogenous zones NOT just the obvious ones.


Target erogenous zones she doesn’t expect!

Great ones are:

The shoulders and back including the spine, backs of the knees and inner thighs.

One that most women love is their bottom.


This is one that shows you care, by kissing, squeezing and complimenting it, you are making a woman feel good about it!

Keep in mind:

72% of women are self conscious about their bottoms.

4. Predictability

Never be predictable.

There is nothing worse than se that follows a standard format.

Always add something new to spice things up.


Try adding food into lovemaking or sensual oils or dressing up – EXPERIMENT! and discuss what your partner wants.

5. Positions That Are To Complicated

You have seen a position in a movie or book so it must be good! Well there is nothing wrong with experimentation but the fact is you are out to hit and stimulate the G spot


There are 3 top positions for sex and hitting the G spot and they’re as old as mankind itself look them up or see our other articles.

They are guaranteed to give mind-blowing orgasms.

6. Coming To Soon

A major problem is coming before your partner. Your satisfied she isn’t that’s not fair!


If you want to last longer simply go slower and when coming near to orgasm learn to control your breathing.

By slowing your breathing and taking deep breathes through your nose, you will last a lot longer and control your orgasm.

8. Doing Nothing After the Event

You finish get up and go well, this does not make your partner exactly feel wanted!

Take some time to tell her how much you enjoyed the experience and how much you care.

Kissing and cuddling for 5 or 10 minutes will show you do.

There are many more mistakes men make but these are the major ones.

Fact is unless you correct these mistakes you will never be seen as a great lover.

Avoid these mistakes, take the tips and enjoy better sex or even great sex.

Its easy to do and anyone can become a great lover if they make the effort.