Sexual Positions to Help You Get Pregnant Faster

Believe it or not, certain positions can help you get pregnant faster. There are actually some positions that help the sperm meet the egg faster. As you know, a woman's egg can only live for twenty-four hours while a man's sperm can live for a few days. So, if the sperm does not get to the egg immediately, the egg may not live long to be fertilized. Here, no pregnancy will take place. If you want to get pregnant soon, you need to avoid having sex while sitting down or standing up. These positions will not expose your cervix to your partner's sperm. It is also advisable to prevent the sperm from flowing out of your vagina. In addition, you must position your hips in a way that your partner's released sperm is kept inside. This is to give it sufficient time to swim up to your cervix.

Anyways, you can do the missionary position. This position is, in fact, the best position for getting pregnant. It allows very deep penetrations; hence, letting the sperms go nearer the cervix. Then, you can also try raising your hips during sexual intervention. You can place a pillow benefit your buttocks to serve as support and cushion. This will enable you to expose your cervix to as much semen as your partner can discharge. You may want to try dog ​​style, as well. This rear entry position in which your partner will enter you from behind is also great. Experts also recommend it because it will allow your partner's sperm to deposit close to your cervix. Thus, your chances of getting pregnant will increase.

Another good sexual position is the side-by-side or the spoon. If you lay side by side with your partner while having sex, you will be exposing your cervix to more sperms. So, it will be possible for your egg to become fertilized much sooner. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you have fun during sexual intervention. While this may seem like a no-brainer, some couples actually treat sex as a task rather than a pleasurable activity. Also, studies have shown that orgasm can lead to contracts that can push the sperm higher into the cervix. So, you can enjoy having sex while increasing your chances of getting pregnant.