Sexual Rituals Related to Easter

In the Roman Empire such rituals reached a climax after the crucifixion of god-men and their supposed marriage to the Mother God, Mary. Orgies were staged in streets as females were taken by any who desired to release their sexual energy. Cakes were baked by old women and handed out to passers-by as part of the rituals. They were the forerunner of hot cross buns and the consumption of the body of the departed, as in the Catholic mass.

Of course, this requires an explanation. Following my reincarnation, my life is dedicated to unearthing the origin of religious beliefs, including that of Easter. My pursuit took me back to the beginning of human development and the origin of language as the religious vehicle and passage into the modern world.

With the evidence freely available but misinterpreted it became a puzzle of monumental proportions to unpick the deceit and cover-up of the roots of such by the Catholic Church. This is the organisation established by Constantine in 325 AD and it was he who put the Mother God of Babylon into it as the Mother of God.

For a reasonable thinking person, this must be an oxymoron. How can the Great Creator have a mother? It was, however, essential to keep her in the picture in order to have the religion received and prosper.ous

Her name in Babylon is ‘Mary’ or ‘Mari’, which means ‘mother’s powerful eye. It is, of course, the sun. Men dreamed of ‘marrying Mary’ by dying on crosses at dawn and rising with the sunbeams into her realm or heaven. In order to fertilise her, they had to come alive or be seen to live on after death. That is why they supposedly ‘resurrected’.

The proletariat would take males from the streets seven days before the equinox, that is on the 15th March. They would be pampered and prepared as mates for Mary. On 22nd March they were then crucified and were given messages to convey to ‘her’. On their resurrection on 25th March, they would fertilise her according to the expectation of the populace.

That is the reason for the fertility rites of Easter, which is named after the ‘eye-star’ and it is in oestrous for the fertility cycle of females. In celebration of the heavenly marriage, the orgies were part of it. Men everywhere would show their virility and strength by how many women they could copulate with. While it sounds far-fetched it is none the less recorded in history.

Men everywhere dream of marrying the heavenly virgin. It is the reason why women are ignored or downplayed in religious circles. It’s also why priests marry Mary at their so-called consecration and why some nuns are called by that name.