Sexy Resolutions For the New Year

2009 is only hours away now, so it's time to take our resolutions for the New Year. While for some it's almost a tradition to decide to stop smoking, loose some weight or get into some sports, what happened with the love resolutions? Here are some suggestions of sexy resolutions that should bring forth lots of fun.

1. Put a stop to you being single

For those who are single, it's time to take the resolution to get out of the house and meet new people. Organize social events with your friends, or go on weekend trips with them, go out frequently, or you may even try meeting people online. Just be opened minded and keep in mind that it may take a while before you find a match, but never get discouraged. Be patient and simply have fun.

2. Use your imagination

Ladies, time to get your sexy, yet classy lingerie outfits out of the closet. Men LOVE seeing the love of their life getting all pampered up for them. Garters, corsets, sexy baby dolls and teddies are usually winners when you want to unleash the inner goddess in you.

But being sexy is also about the attitude. Dare introducing role-playing in your couple. Just put yourself in a scenario such as cleaning the house or cooking dressed-up as a French Maid, dress-up as the little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, a Sexy Cop and its Prisoner, or a sexy School Teacher and its student … possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination and let it take both of you to new heights.

3. Spice it up!

With our busy lifestyles, it's important to find ways to spice things up, to revive those strong emotions that welcomed you together in the first place. From candle-lit romantic dinners, to surprise strip-tease, role-playing, pushing your sexual boundaries a bit, or even exploring new erogenous zones (example, for men: small of back and perineum, or even scalp. , earlobes, middle back) … just let yourself go further than you are used to.

You may even play around with the five senses. Blindfold your partner and have them taste some ingredients off of your body, or have them guess ingredients just by using the smell or touch. You will be surprised how much fun these experiences can bring both of you.

4. Learn to give good massages

Massages are for sure very relaxing, and I do not know anyone who does not like to receive one. But massages also have an erotic potential. They can tease and awaken desire, or can provide comfort after an orgasm. Explore new massage techniques (online videos and articles books or even take classes), and introduce props such as and massagers or soft feathers. You will definitely reap the rewards for taking such great care of your love.

5. Make some one-on-one time with your lover

Even though you may be stuck in the everyday run-around between kids, work and all your other obligations, you have to move for some quality time alone with your love. Have your kids baby-sited at least once a month in order to enjoy a nice evening with your lover, have a nice romantic dinner or even enjoy a sensual night at the hotel … just like you used to. You have to cultivate the bond between you, and to remind yourself frequently why he / she is your chosen-one. You will live a much happier and fulfilled life this way.