Sexy Seduction Stories – Be a Phenomenal Communicator and Make Her Melt!

Have you ever gotten a woman to scream your name in bed? If you are interested in learning how, you've come to the correct place! If you have a couple minutes, I highly suggest you give me your undivided attention. It may even be the best thing you do all day!

Here is how to get a woman to be screaming your name all night …

Sexy Seduction Stories – How To Be a Phenomenal Communicator

1. Set The Tone …

You need to make the woman feel comfortable. We feel VERY awkward making a lot of noise if YOU are being dead silent. You really need to set the tone for us. Make some noise!

You do not need to yell and scream (you probably should not) but let out some low, rough moans. It lets us know that you like what we are doing.

More importantly, it gives us the permission to "let our hair down" and make some noise ourselves!

2. A Little Rough …

We need to get something straight. VERY FEW women like to "make love" every single time they have sex. Most women like to make love sometimes, but you can not forget about the other times where we just want it, and want it badly.

Guys, we are people as well. We have sexual urges just the same as you do. The only difference is that society frowns upon women who make their sexuality known whereas it is okay for men.

Get a little rough with us. Please! I promise, we will not break!

If you do these things, it will liven up your sexual experiences. And yes, she'll be screaming your name!