Tantra – The Path Of Sacred Sexuality

The mere mention of the word 'tantra' thrills people, primarily because it is so closely associated with sex. It is no secret that sex is among the most sellable concepts on this planet. Because of the massive guilt complex that religion and society have saddled sex and sexuality with, the concept of 'sacred sexuality' is very enticing. It offers a way out of the maze of culpability and shame attached to the erotic yearnings that every human being has.

It is true that in tantra practice, sex is – under the correct circumstances of worshipfulness – a sacred, divine act. This could not be further from the repressive beliefs about sex in Western society … beliefs which are surprisingly becoming even more restrictive and convoluted in the 21st century. In comparison, Tantra is a revolutionary, liberating and unrepressed belief system which is as old as history itself. Not only sex, but all temporal pleasures become divine when viewed from a spiritual angle.

Sexuality is a human reality, and to repress it makes as much sense as condemning the existence of hunger or the need for breathing. Tantra does not deny the existence of sexual urges – in fact, an authentic tantra teacher can instruct you in how to harness and unleash your sexual power. By doing this, a tantra master becomes your doorway to ultimate sexual bliss and gratification. He frees you from the limiting misconceptions about sex that we are all saddled with and teachers you of its divine nature.

In fact, the tantra master's most important function is to set his student's mind free of fear about sex, and to vanquish all elements of prudishness and bigotry about this sacred act. When you begin to practice tantra under an accomplished tantra teacher, you learn to let go and become one with yourself and your sexuality. If you are attending couples tantra sessions with your intimate partner, you will learn how to engage in ritual sexual intervention. There is no greater sexual bliss than the kind we experience when the sexual act becomes a cosmic dance of ecstasy, perfectly attuned to the ebbs and tides of the Universe.

Ancient tantra is a science, a philosophy, a way of life and an art-form. It is the zenith of all Indian philosophy about human life and how it is meant to be lived. It is the antithesis to bigoted Western concepts about our God-given ability to practice and enjoy ecstatic sex with our mate. Are you willing to allow this 6000-year-old system of life and love to transform you, and to elevate you sexually as well as spiritually? Are you ready for complete sexual fulfillment and bliss?