The Best Sex Position to Give Multiple Orgasms to Her – Amazing Positions You Must Know

If you have been deluding yourself saying that you are the best lover a woman could have and if you still can not satisfy her with the most amazing multiple orgasms, then it is time to stop talking and learn about two amazing positions that would give your woman the most amazing multiple orgasms ever.

Amazing Position 1

As for the very first position during intercourse, I would recommend the usual missionary position. This position would give you better control of your penetrations and help you to prolong your orgasms. In the mean time your penis would directly hit her g-spot while your body would keep rubbing her clitoris and stimulating it. These two actions would guarantee fast and multiple orgasms in no time.

Amazing Position 2

As for the second position you could employ the doggie-style. In this position, you will have to penetrate your woman from behind. This would look like the usual doggie mounting position, so gaining its name. I recommend this position because, your penis will directly hit her g-spot while you have your fingers to let it roam all over her body and tease her clitoris extra time. In this position you can stimulate her clitoris, erogenous zones, play with her nipples and simultaneously stimulate her g-spot with your penis.

Now employ these two amazing sex positions and see which suits you and your woman best. Use that position regularly and give her multiple orgasms that she will never forget what you did for her when it's her turn to reciprocate.