The Best Sex Positions to Satisfy Your Woman

Sex is fun, that’s all that there is to it. No matter what position you are using or who you are using it with sex is just pure old fashion fun. However there are something that you can do that can make it even more fun for both you and your female partner. Here are two of the most intriguing sexual positions that can provide a new level of enjoyment for you and for her. The best part about these two positions is the fact that they do not need you to be built like the proverbial horse to pull them off.

What it is: Reverse Cowgirl

How to do it: You start out by laying on your back, then she straddle you, facing your feet, with your member outside of her vagina and pointing toward your feet. She then “rides” along the top side of your penis sliding her vagina along the shaft. After she has gotten enough from this you can move into a reverse penetration position so that the knob of your penis is now hitting her g-spot. Another variant form this is to move her down into a “butt-up” position, while you move in behind and begin anal penetration.

Why its good for her: She gets a HUGE amount of clitoral stimulation out of this. This also allows you to be able to rub her lower back or to gently massage her outer sphincter with a lubed finger in preparation for anal penetration later.

Why its good for you: From this position she can easily fondle your testicles. This position is also good for you as it provides enough stimulation to Keep you hard but none of that stimulation is centered on the nerve zones so there is no chance of you ejaculating yet. This is also an excellent position for men who are not circumcised as she will cause your foreskin to slide up and down your shaft in a manner similar to masturbating.

What it is: Wild Ride

How to do it: Start out by putting her on her back, then lift her legs up and spread them. You now scoot in under her and insert your manhood into her vagina. Only insert about 3 or four inches of your whole length into her. Now holding onto her ankles you lay back again the bed. Now start performing “sit-ups” from the laid down position. On every sitting up that you do pull her legs down toward the bed. You are not so much sliding in and out as much as sliding up and down inside of her.

Why its good for her: Every time that you go back down the natural tendency of your penis to want to flip up toward your belly. This means that your knob will be pressing up onto her frontal plate and stimulate her g-spot. The up and down motion inside her will also cause a friction on the sides of her vaginal walls and outer lips.

Why its good for you: This is a fantastic chance for you to show off all that time that you spend in the gym. But on top of that the best part of this position is the fact that you get to set the pace with this position. Its also one of the few positions that allow her to just lay back and relax.

These are just a couple of the exciting and interesting positions that you can use to make your playtime a little bit more fun.