Using Water Fountains With Massage Therapy

Many people deal with environmental noise on a daily basis.  Noise pollution that disrupts and distracts regular functioning can be found in the workplace and in the community.  Car traffic, airplanes, leaf blowers, and office noises bombard your clients on a daily basis.  Even in the home, noise pollution from televisions and other electronics leaves people feeling stressed our and disrupted. Studies have shown negative impacts of noise pollution including chronic stress, lowered productivity, sleep disturbance, and others.  

Unfortunately, most people are not able to adjust the noise levels in their daily lives; however, they still feel its impact. Because of this, many turn to massage as a way to alleviate stress and increase relaxation.  By helping to set the mood of the massage experience with sound, you can get their visit off to a great start.  

In Lobbies & Waiting Areas:

Stressful and annoying sounds can increase heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels leaving your clients unable to relax.  Hopefully, your lobby is a quiet place that gives your clients an immediate sense of tranquility.  However, keeping all outside sounds from entering the lobby isn’t always possible. You may not have the budget to fully sound-proof your lobby, but soft, natural sounds can mask some of the noise from the outside world.  When your clients hear relaxing sounds, like those from an indoor water fountain, they can start the relaxation process from their very first step inside the door.

In Individual Massage Rooms:

Sound is an extremely important part of the massage experience.  You want to create an environment that is conducive to relaxation by providing relaxing and peaceful sounds, like those from a table top fountain. The gentle sound of a fountain masks noise and lets your client fully focus on the massage experience. It also ensures you won’t be distracted by other sounds.  Your clients can get more out of the massage experience when they (and you) aren’t distracted by outside noises. 

At Home and Work:

Many massage therapists give clients stress reduction recommendations that they can carry out in their daily lives as well.  You can ask your clients if they have noisy environments that they deal with and suggest ways to help them reduce the noise levels.  When the noises are out of their control, you can suggest masking the noises with the sounds of a small table top fountain on their desk or in their home.  If you use a water fountain in your massage rooms, they can also learn to associate that sound with relaxing and have increased benefits in other environments.   

As you can see, using water fountains in your massage practice helps to eliminate noises and increase relaxation.  And the best part is both you and your clients will enjoy the benefits.

Besides sound, light, temperature and scents can also enhance the massage experience.  Here are a few other ways to help create a relaxing environment for stressed out clients:

  • Ask clients to turn off their cell phones
  • Use soft lights
  • Use relaxing colors like green, blue and purple
  • Keep the room at a comfortable temperature
  • Use scented massage oils and lotions for client who like them