Weaving the Sensual and the Sexual

Have you ever lived a spoon to your mouth and experienced an explosive sensation as the food tantalises your tastes buds?

Have you ever listened to a piece of music or a song being sung and felt goose bumps all over your body as the notes float through your aural field?

Have you ever danced with another, so in tune, gliding together in such unison that there is nothing else but the whirling and rising and falling of your bodies held in the arms each other?

Have you ever experienced sexual pleasure and the bliss of orgasm where you have been transported to a river of sensation that ripples and quivers, rising to meet a cloud of sheer, ecstacy, bliss and joy that is surreal?

Such is sensory perception. The magic of sensation. The delight of heightened feeling. So much is available to titillate the senses these days, from the smell of candles, the feel of Egyptian cotton sheets, to the aroma of flowers and the strains of a piece of mood music and let's not forget touch.

Something magical happens when we succumb to the pleasure of touch – one of the nicest experiences is a massage where the majority of the body is soothed with sweeping strokes and tired muscles are strummed like a guitar. Stress that has built up melts away and the body purrs inaudibly with pleasure as each stroke dissolves and softens.

In this day and age we get so busy. Rushing here, rushing there, meeting deadlines, ferrying kids to and from sport meets, catching planes, doing the shopping. People everywhere always seem in a hurry – so is it any wonder that there is a tendency to fall into bed exhausted in the evenings, eyes closing before the head even hits the pillow?

It stands to reason that in order for us to maintain sensitive connection with our beloved, we need to make the time and put some effective communication into play. By the way, communication is the glue that holds relationships and marriages together. Keeping a satisfying sex life means taking the time to slow down, to connect, communicate, imagine, breathe, gaze, sniff, move, taste, caress, stroke, smell …..

A relationship beaten of intimidation and physical closeness and with little communication to boot, feet hollow because there is nothing worse than when the person who is supposedly to find you attractive, sexy and desirable – does not. Often when more (or all) effort is put into children or work thereby avoiding relationship issues, there is a void that appears and before too long a separation is identical that takes a conscious effort to diminish. At the end of the day a fantastic sex life is not the norm, it's a rarity. Modern life makes it difficult for just about all of us. The thing is, sex and intelligence are grown-up skills that are learned over time and connecting the sensual with sexual is an ongoing discovery and unfolding.

So amongstst all the busy-ness of our lives, choosing to stay consciously in touch with our sexual selves and with our partners is worth the effort. We shine, feel happier, look younger, are more energized, at peace and more joyful with our lot. We exude an inner radiance and that in itself is what life is all about. There is nothing better than feeling great!

Copyright © 2008 – Marie-Elise Allen