Why You Should Give Your Woman Oral Sex

The number one reason that you should give her oral sex is obvious to me, but most men neglect it.

If you give her oral sex, she will reciprocate. She'll give you lots more oral sex in return.

Let look at the reasons some men do not like giving oral sex.

– Lets face it the vagina is not the prettiest looking instrument in the world. It takes a bit of getting used to. However familiarity breeds love. The more you play with look at and tease your ladies vagina the more you'll love it. I promise.

– It smells funny. No it does not it smells like a vagina. You'll get used to it. Be a man it's really not that bad, your feet smell a lot worse.

– They do not realize how powerful oral sex can be. Nearly all women have orgasmed through clitoral play. It's the easiest way to make a woman orgasm. A lot of women find it hard to orgasm through penetration but can orgasm really easily through oral sex. They just love it.

– It's hairy. This one I agree with. All women should shave. I will not give oral sex to a woman that has not. I simply encourage her to shave by telling her that I think her vagina would look very sexy if it was shaved. It would look hot and it would turn me on even more. Do not pretend that she is not sexy already just say it would make her look even more sexy.

So that's why you should give women oral sex. Because you'll get oral sex in return.